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Although adding value to your bottom line is our goal, we also provide all the important compliance and support services needed when dealing with employee related projects and programmes, as an essential part of what we do. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, ineffective people management practices and policies will impact your bottom line.

Please feel free to contact us to outline any issues you may be having and to discuss whether or not we can help. Support can be offered on site at your own premises or remotely over the phone or by email.

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People Management Project Management People Policy & Procedure
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Compliant Document Creation Audit Compliance Employment Legislation
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Staff Engagement Helping Your Managers HR Added Value

The cost of getting it wrong!

Employees who feel that they have been dealt with unfairly by their employer have the right to take this further. This may include presenting their case to an Employment Tribunal. Although this process has become more complicated for employees within 2013, and conciliation is the preferred route to be taken, the process of dealing with employee claims, or complaints, can be costly and time consuming.

Compensation limits are set annually by the Government and are not for the faint hearted:
The limit on compensation for unfair dismissal currently stands at £78,962;
The limit on a week's pay, used to calculate redundancy payments or for unfair dismissal compensation is currently £479

This gives a maximum unfair dismissal award of £93,332. Note that since 29 July 2013 there has been an additional cap on the compensatory award of 12 months’ pay.

*All above as of 6th April 2016

In addition to this, the cost of employing an illegal worker will be increasing to up to £20,000 per employee from April 2014. So it is essential that Right to Work checks are conducted at recruitment stage. Other increases (for example, guaranteed payments) are set out in the Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2014 - see link: The Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2014 Legislation.gov.uk

Further consequences may include:

• Poor performance
• Inefficiencies at work
• High employee turnover
• Poor company reputation
• Low employee engagement
• High absence rates

Even if we can’t help you directly we may be able to point you in the right direction and, if nothing else, you may receive some impartial free advice!